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Palm Rock in the Press

Here's where you can find link's to all our articles and mentions in magazines and other media.

'PALM ROCK; The New Wellness Retreat In SotoGrande That Celebs Are Flocking To.'


'Best Shoulder Streches for the Shoulder':

Perfect for those who suffer from stiff shoulders and upper back.

'Each guest will be taken on a transformational wellness plan that combines award-winning exercise and nutrition programming...'

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'the four to seven day immersive retreat focuses on dramatically improving both mental and physical health..'
'In this article we talk to Preston more about the many treadmill benefits.'
On the Treadmill
Lifting Barbells
Founder Chris coaches a DB workout designed for chest strength and size.
The Most Asked Fitness Questions Of The Year – Answered
Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 14.46.57.png
5 men who are challenging perceptions around masculinity in 2022 and beyond
sl-man logo.jpeg
SheerLuxe Man asks Chris for tips on handling the holidays.
Women Practicing Yoga
spt il.png
What to do when you want to upgrade your mindfulness routine, yoga moves or overall  wellness practice?
La Pochette Logo.webp
Here’s Why Exercise Is Your Brain’s Best Friend
Exercise Group
UK Health Radio.png
Hear from health and wellbeing expert, celebrity trainer Chris Wharton, on getting fit, creating good habits, happiness, SAD, gratitude and cold water therapy
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'What alcohol is really doing to your body – from your skin to your diet'

Cocktail Hour
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