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The Programme

A training structure that gets results

Our programmes are entirely bespoke. Pre-arrival you will be sent a personal preference document to help us understand exactly what you are looking to achieve during your time with us, any contraindications/injury history you may have, and likes/dislikes when it comes to both exercise and dietary requirements. 


Put simply, we curate an experience that's built around what you actually want, and need!


Check out some of our training modalities below and download a sample itinerary.

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High Intensity Interval Training. Time efficient, max output sessions. Each workout is catered to your ability so there's no hiding :)

Simple movements, no heavy weights, just high heart rates and support from your team! 


Training the body, mind and spirit. As Palm Rock clients, you have the opportunity to practice yoga daily with Estelle. For any age, experience or ability - there is a flow perfect for you. Explore the studies of yoga: Vinyasa flow, basic Hatha, Reiki and Restorative yoga. 


Estelle will inspire and motivate you to love yoga the way she does. Connecting with the deepest parts of yourself, by taking the traditional tools of yoga and making them accessible to anyone. Working to find the true balance between the mind, body and soul.

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Strength Training

The foundation of physical longevity. Using our brand new onsite gym, we deliver bespoke strength training for your goals and ability. We even provide 1-2-1 personal training should you want to work on specifics.
Whether you're looking to feel stronger or improve your body composition, resistance training is our go-to training modality. 

Active Recovery

Every day includes an external activity in the beautiful surrounding area. From mountain hikes, to beach club water sports. Enjoyable exercise is (almost) never hard work.
Exposure to sunlight and fresh air will positively influence your body's natural stress response and leave you feeling on top form!


Morning Movement & Breathwork

Step out of your room to the poolside and welcome the day. MMB is a staple and easy win, imbedded in your journey at Palm Rock. A blend of mobility flows and mindful breathing. Targeting mobility and the body's natural, internal balance systems. Starting every day mindfully and purposefully.

Deliberate Cold Water Therapy

Deliberate exposure to cold (ice bath, cryotherapy etc) has been shown to activate sirtuins, which in turn activates brown fat which is associated with lower age-related disease. Certain protocols have also been shown to improve mood, cognition, metabolism, energy and focus.


Download an example daily itinerary 

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