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A signature Green Juice

Now, don't tell our head chef... because she'll kill me, but here is one of the recipes of our signature juice that we provide during our retreat. Every morning the first food our clients enjoy is a nutrient dense, freshly made juice. Why?

After 10+ hours of fasting, we want to flood the system full of nutrients, as well as keeping the initial digestion requirements low.

Fast absorption in the morning is exactly what you need to crush the day!

To serve 4 at 83kcal per portion you will need:

1 Bunch spinach roughly chopped

1 Large lemon peeled and quartered

1 Large courgette cut into long strips

2 Large pears

1 Small ginger root (the size of the tip of your thumb)

4 Large celery sticks

Wash and prep veggies.

Juice in order listed.

Optional - strain through a sieve (if you don't like pulp)

Drink immediately and enjoy!

Note: we do suggest you used a juicer, not a blender.. otherwise you may be chewing through this 'juice'. There are some great ones on the market - we use an Orbegozo.

Much love,

PR x

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