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6 Weekend Wellness Boosters


Happy Friday PR fam!

With high-demand working weeks, letting weekends get away from you is easy. Here are a few tips to make the most of that precious time off, and position yourself with the best chance of maintaining momentum with your health and fitness goals.

Get outside

With daylight slowly increasing, we recommend spending as much time as you can outdoors, specifically, in green spaces, which have been shown to improve psychological stress recovery, focus and mood.


Hectic work weeks often result in a disturbed sleep cycle. Whether that be due to fewer hours available to rest, or stress resulting in poor sleep quality. To counter this, try to create the best possible routine from Friday to Sunday night. This can include a screen break, low lit room and a gentle stretch & breathwork flow (plenty of which you can find for free on YouTube).

Meal Prep

A super useful tool for staying on track with your nutrition goals! Use one hour of your Sunday to prep 7 meals you can take to work for lunches the following week. Keep it simple and tasty, with lots of vegetables and lean protein sources. Again, YouTube is an excellent resource for this.


Although setting up camp with a group of people and running riot in a bar until the early hours may seem fun to some (guilty), if you’re looking to prioritise your health, we suggest socialising with a different strategy. Try a new group activity, meet friends for coffee or try that lunch place you’ve had your eye on for ages.


This ties in with socialising nicely. Capitalise on your more flexible schedule by gathering a group of friends and booking a fitness class. Bathe in endorphins and embrace comradery through high heart rates and red faces.


This is more easily said than done, especially if you have a family to entertain/ferry around, but it doesn’t have to take all day. Find a few minutes and try the following:

  • 5 minutes of mindful breathing in a quiet space

  • Write down three things you achieved last week

  • Write down three things you are looking forward to next week

  • Make some foods/treats you enjoy

  • Check-in with a friend (I like to find a photo of an old memory and send it to them), it never fails to make me smile

We hope this helps and as always if you need any advice on achieving your health, wellness and fitness goals please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Always love,

Team PR x

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