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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a group of friends?

For sure. The whole facility is available for private buyouts. If you'd like to arrange for a group to visit and have a fully private Palm Rock experience get in touch here for more info

Is this a fat loss bootcamp?

Short answer; No. Whilst we can certainly help you lose weight - most attendees drop between 2-3kg a week - we do not advocate extreme fat loss plans. Why? Because they are just not sustainable. If you're losing more than 3kg in a week it is not going to be from fat, and is therefore not the kind of 'weight' you want to lose! 

Are there any hidden costs?

Palm Rock is an all inclusive wellness retreat. This means all of your food, training, accommodation and external activities are included in the price. 

The only extras (which are entirely optional) are treatments with our beautician, any additional PT sessions or massages, that are not part of your daily itinerary. 

Can I come alone?

Yes 100%. We focus on catering for small, intimate groups for that very reason. Creating an environment where people feel welcome and inspired is our primary intention. 

It's the perfect environment to get some great results and meet some like minded friends. 

Do I need any experience to join?

All fitness levels and experiences are welcome. All training is catered for the individual. That being said, every day includes some sort of walking for longer than an hour, so if that is a concern of yours please let us know and we can advise accordingly.

How do I get there?

There are two airports nearby. Gibraltar (20 mins drive), or Malaga (55mins drive).

Your flight will be noted on your onboarding questionnaire and transfers to and from your chosen airport can be arranged.

What is the refund policy?

Of course we would always love to see you, but if you can't make it and you've paid for your retreat already- we will give you a full refund providing it's 6 weeks prior to  you arriving. This is due to the upfront costs we must make before a group arrive to one of our wellness retreats.

Do I have to pay all at once?

No you don't! We have partnered with Klarna- a split fee service so you can pay for one of our retreats over three even instalments. To find out more visit our booking page.

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