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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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The Palm Rock Principles

  Ever felt like life is getting a bit much? Busy, stressed, tired? We've all been there. Sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed and caught in a downward spiral, and our physical and mental health takes a back seat. 

We're here to help get you back on track. There's a few simple tools we can control to help us feel happier, in better shape, less stressed more energised. That's our gig here at Palm Rocks, we focus on helping you reset, restore and rejuvenate using our 5 Foundational principles-

Exercise, Nutrition, Energy, Sleep & Gratitude






The Programme

A training structure that gets results
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High Intensity Interval Training. Time efficient, big energy sessions. Each workout is catered to your ability so there's no hiding :)

Simple movements, no heavy weights, just high heart rates support from your team! 


Training the body, mind and spirit. As Palm Rock clients, you have the opportunity to practice yoga with Daisy every day. For any age, experience or ability - there is a flow perfect for you. Explore the studies of yoga: Vinyasa flow, basic Hatha, Reiki and Restorative yoga. 


Daisy will inspire and motivate you to love yoga the way she does. Connecting with the deepest parts of yourself, by taking the traditional tools of yoga and making them accessible to anyone. Working to find the true balance between the mind, body and soul.

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Strength Training

The foundation of physical longevity. Using our brand new on site gym, we deliver bespoke strength training for your goals and ability. We even provide 1-2-1 Personal Training should you want to work on specifics.
Whether you're looking to feel stronger or improve your body composition, resistance training is our go to training modality. 

Active Recovery

Every day includes external activity's in the beautiful surrounding area. From mountain hikes, to beach club water activities. Enjoyable exercise is (almost) never hard work!
Exposure to sunlight and fresh air will positively influence your bodies natural stress response and leave you feeling on top form!

Morning Movement & Breathwork

Step out of your room, pool side to welcome the day. MMB is a staple and easy win, imbedded in your journey at Palm Rock. A blend of mobility flows and mindful breathing. Targeting mobility and the bodies natural, internal balance systems. Starting every day mindfully and purposefully.

Workout Guides

No available programs
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